cropped-cropped-blog.jpg“What’s in a Blog?” Shakespeare might ask. “Anything and everything a computer owner cares to share” would probably be an appropriate answer. News, gossip, opinions, his or other’s, whatever moves a “blogger” seems to qualify.

This first edition…

In a valiant attempt at organization, I have broken this first edition down into three departments. One I call “Bits and Pieces”, which consists of everyday life stories I have always wanted to share with anyone who would listen. Another, “Begged and Borrowed”, includes items lifted from outside sources that I feel would be worth passing on. I call the third “Etc. Etc. Etc.” for just what that expression implies.

Each article for this week is located in a drop down menu in the orange bar below the title photo. Just hover over the category with your mouse and select the entry you wish to read. You may also access the individual articles by selecting “open” at the end of each preview below.


Preview: Girard Avenue:  A six-year-old boy faces his first real test of survival. [Open]

Preview: Paper Boy:  Two character building ‘life and growth’ experiences of a very young entrepreneur. [Open]

Nothing could be more self-indulgent than writing one’s own biography. My old friend, Fred Tankel, used to refer to his life as ‘G-rated’. My own comes pretty close to ‘G’, and is certainly not worthy of memoir-style treatment. On the other hand, certain events stand out that I would give anything to play back for my own entertainment like one would a home movie or video. Putting memory to test and pencil to paper is my way of replaying what I call, ‘Bits and Pieces of an Ordinary Life’. So please indulge me.


Preview: Coffee Story:   There’s coffee and then there’s real coffee. Fascinating woman… fascinating story. [Open]

Every day I come across something in the media, on the internet or in other peoples’ blogs that I find interesting or important enough to share with others. Hopefully I’m not running afoul of copyright laws by passing it on to my little blog family. It’s sorta like sharing an article one has read in a newspaper or magazine without the postage.


Preview: Back Care Tips:  ‘Flare-ups’ are the product of ‘Screw-ups’. Avoid the pain by avoiding the strain. [Open]

Preview: Cartoon of the Blog:   Aging… Yech! [Open]

Could be just about anything else I would enjoy sharing with my Blog family.


Readers are invited to comment on any article featured in Geoff’s Blog. A box at the conclusion of each page is provided to encourage reader responses. Negative comments will be ignored.


A complete collection of all blogs and blog articles can be found at the top of the page under the ‘Master Index’ heading OR by clicking here:  Go to Master Index


Meet Geoff Nate’s beautiful assistant, Jennifer Joy


Elayne Nathanson. Have passport and unlimited energy; will travel anywhere, anytime. No notice needed.

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  1. cyrille schiff weingarten

    Dear Geoff,
    What a wonderful way to share your humorously written thoughts and stories. Will Rogers has (or, is it had?)nothing on you ! I haven’t read all of your memories and thoughts, but I am looking forward to the next rainy day to catch up ! Keep them coming. Great fun,
    Love, Cyrille

  2. Nancy Bloch

    Brother, I love reading your blog! I am proud of you that you could put it all together. XO

  3. Butsy

    That fish has a great story to tell.
    Next time I’d rather hold your assistant, Jennifer

  4. Yes I agree, you can quit your day job !

  5. Sandy Joy

    Hello, Geoffrey. Jennifer told me about your blog. I’m looking forward to following it. Nice intro and picture of you.

  6. bonnie strauss

    dear pal,
    a fish has never been in better hands….!
    way to go dear geoffrey…a natural pioneer.
    your New York pals applaud from afar. love, roger and bonnie

  7. what a good idea— I love that you have a blog.
    love u Lynn

  8. Jane

    Hi Geoffrey, You write so well, I am interested to read and/or hear any of those memories. i will read you now and then and think of you with respect and love. Jane

    • Thanks Jane. Welcome to Geoffrey’s blog family. As a Minnesota girl you may be able to identify with some of my pre-California memories. Best to Bob. You guys are now officially members of Geoff Nate’s Blog family.

      -Nancy’s Big Bro

  9. Michael Nathanson

    I’m excited for your blog to take shape and certainly plan to be an avid follower!

  10. Geoff you devil you! I knew you had it in you. Ms. Tellem

  11. Gillian Karp

    Geoffrey, thanks for sharing. You are an inspiration…particularly now that I’m realizing I’ve lived long enough to start revisiting and relishing my fondest memories. Half a century… Love, Gillian

    • Dear Gillian,

      It’s great hearing from you. I’m having a ball with this blog business. I hope all is well with you guys; please call if you ever have plans to come west and visit your roots.

      Elayne’s fella

      P.S. I’m sure your mom and dad would remember the featured article in my second blog like it was yesterday.

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